St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Arin Rungjang, And Then There Were None

2017 Colors PG THAI - EN 46’ 24”

Swiss Premiere

Out of Competition

“This video related to the memory of two-person my memory to my father and the memory of a Prasat Chuthin who appeared in Hitler’s guestbook as the last visitor of Hitler at the bunker. He was one of the leaders of the Thai People’s party that made the revolution in 1932. He was appointed to be a Thai ambassador during the rules of the Nazi Party led by Hitler. My father worked for an oil company in Germany in the 1970s.
Unfortunately, he did not have good experiences in his social environment: he was harassed and subjected to physical violence in Germany in 1977 and died later in Thailand.”
By Arin Rungjang

Curated by ThAI, Thai Art Initiative

Arin Rungjang, And Then There Were None