St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Malcolm McLaren, Musical Paintings (Shallow 1–21)

2008 Colors PG EN 85' 04''

Swiss Premiere

Out of Competition

A multi-media work, the Musical Paintings (Shallow 1-21) are a series of original musical “cut-ups” composed by McLaren set to appropriated clips of ordinary people who are about to have sex that have been spliced, repeated, both slowed down and in real time. The result is hypnotic, layered and provocative.

This collection of Musical Paintings— portraits of people thinking, desiring, wanting, wishing, imagining having sex, have been dug out of the ruins of pop culture: old sex films and pop music. McLaren explains they are not films or videos, not cut in rhythm or narrative based, but another form entirely. They are a map of feelings that navigate both the “look of music” and the “sound of fashion”.


Malcolm McLaren, Musical Paintings (Shallow 1–21)