St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Conversation: Christian Labhart & Diana Segantini

Born 1953 in Zurich, Switzerland Christian Labhart worked as an assistant of cinematography, at Condor Film AG and as a teacher. In 1976 he became a member in the production collective for the documentary film ‘Aufpassen Macht Schule’ about repression in the school.

Since 1999 Christian worked as a director of several creative documentaries. More recently, he worked as a director and producer of the TV-Documentary ‘Yasin darf nicht sterben’ (2014), about a story of a Turkish family who cares at home for the severely disabled son Yasin.

The work of Labhart  blends an interest in art with an interest in social activism. His films are also often inspired by themes of classical art. He devoted several films to the anthroposophic movement, but his best known film is Appassionata (2012) about a Swiss virtuoso's journey to her native Ukraine.

 He also worked as the director and producer of the documentary ‘Giovanni Segantini – Magie des Lichts’ (2015) that won an award for best biography at festival ARTFIFA in Montreal.