St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Conversation: Franco Farinelli & Nicola Angerame

Franco Farinelli is an Italian geographer who was born in Ortona in 1948. Professor of Human Geography at the University of Bologna, he is also head of the Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies and president of the Associazione dei Geografi Italiani (Italian Geographers Association). He has taught in universities in Geneva, Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley (UCB), the Sorbonne (Paris) and also at the Nordic Institute for Urban and Regional Planning in Stockholm. His studies have renewed the history of Geography and Cartography and placed it at the core of western culture. In his wide-ranging transversal approach, Professor Farinelli has revealed the complex, ambivalent relationships between geographic representations of the world and its economy, politics, society and, naturally, territory. For Farinelli, cartography explains why the world is like it is and, at the same time, why it is no longer useful for understanding it. He has published several books, including Geografia. Un'introduzione ai modelli del mondo (2003), L'invenzione della Terra (2007) and La crisi della ragione cartografica(2009).

Nicola Davide Angerame is a philosopher, journalist, art curator, contemporary art critic and cultural organizer. After graduating in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Turin, under the guidance of Gianni Vattimo with a thesis on Jean-Luc Nancy’s thought, he began working with newspapers and magazines writing about art but also about cinema, architecture and contemporary culture. In twenty years of activity he founded and directed, on the model of the German Kunsthalle, the Galleria Civica of Alassio and the Galleria Civica of Andora. He founded and directed the cultural association “whitelabs. Culture in progress” with headquarters and exhibition space in Milan. To date he has designed and curated dozens of cultural events and more than one hundred solo and group exhibitions of Italian and foreign artists and photographers, collaborating with private and public institutions in Italy and abroad. He has lectured on art and philosophy in Italian and foreign institutions and has curated cultural projects and exhibitions in New York, Seoul, Bangkok, Paris, Berlin and London. After living and working between Milan and New York, he currently lives and works in Turin, where he teaches Contemporary Art History at the Luigi Einaudi University College and where he holds seminars at the University of Turin (chair of Aesthetics). His articles have appeared in Robinson (La Repubblica), L’Unità, Il Manifesto, Art Presse (Paris), Il Mucchio Selvaggio, Exibart, Arte e Critica, Artribune, Segno, FC Fotografia and [è] Cultura.