St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Conversation: Stefano Piantini, Silvia Segnalini & Stefano Rabolli Pansera

Stefano Piantini worked in publishing for over forty years. He has been Appointed Publisher of Electa, Publisherof Skira, Managing Director and CEO of Rizzoli Libri Illustrati, President of Skira Paris, member of the Board ofDirectors of Electa, Arnoldo Mondadori Arte, Rizzoli Libri Illustrati, Elemond (Gruppo Electa- Einaudi-Mondadori). He currently works in the Media sector, producing films and documentary films, through his own company RedshiftPublishing. Collector, music lover, bibliophile, scholar of Alchemy, Cabbala and Psychedelic Art. Cinema dedicated follower since ever, he has been collecting experimental films for over 25 years, considering Cinema (as well as Photography) an Alchemical Art and nothing is more alchemical than Experimental Cinema. The collection is organized according to a precise chronological and cultural scheme that goes from the historical avant-gardes of the XX Century to the cinema of the Hippie Exploitation, from Free Cinema to the Documentary School, up to the Underground cinema properly said.

Silvia Segnalini joins the Smaff as ArtClHub founder, a groundbreaking platform for arts that serves as a kind of “everything art services”. In this process innovation, the heart of the system works towards converting the experience of the founder, who is particularly competent about the written and unwritten rules of the field, into a best practice within everyone's reach. Silvia is indeed an italian jurist obsessed with arts and driven by the awareness, acquired in in the field for over two decades, that the search for truly specialized professionals and services is crucial in a world, like that of arts, that is extremely specialized. She has always been keen on cultural and creative industries, managing to turn them into a profession, with a deep awareness of the importance of spreading and adopting the best practices everywhere, in the world of arts and culture. She thus deals with cultural heritage law, intellectual property, and the set of rules governing art and luxury markets. Not surprisingly, she is the author of the “Dizionario giuridico dell’arte” (Skira), the first true manual of Art Law which for years has been a classic in the field. Convinced also of the need to facilitate the creation of new opportunities for professionals in the field; and - last but not least - to innovate many processes, enabling new ideas and working models to emerge, with a special attention to cultural strategies. 

Always in the perspective of creating real value for the whole system and for all actors of arts world.

“We would like to propose a new paradigm, in which to put back to the center professionals, competences and concrete plans that can generate the maximum value. Therefore, we concentrate almost exclusively on projects that are not an end in themselves, or of short duration, but that have a strong impact on society: projects that - it must be stressed - we welcome and carry on until the concrete realization. A sort of 'back to reality' after an overdose of crypto, NFT and Metaverso, and then extreme financialization of the sector. Making use of a lightweight structure, as a guarantee of independence and freedom, in order to create that real value that is so dear to us. In the perspective of a b-corp or, if you prefer, of a 'company with a purpose’” (Silvia Segnalini, founder ArtClHub).

Very little is known, however, about her collections, of which she jealously guards the secrets. What we know for sure is that they range from antique books – her first love – to the labels of fine wines which she obviously relishes, with her (endless) collection of shoes, of 2.55 bags and, more recently, of artist jewels in between.