St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Sisi LI
Very Very Tremendously

2021 Color PG En/En 00:12:11

Civilisation is a sewer. We think that garbage is the corpse of a commodity, because it loses its functionality, but we use a lot of 3d models of garbage in video games to decorate the virtual reality. We fill the volcano with residents’ excrement in the city simulation game, and let it erupt to flood the city, and we make a living by scavenging wastes on real garbage mountains, earning a few dollars per day. While we refer to crypto currency technology as a decentralized accounting method, we see that centralized capital uses it for asset appreciation. We, we, very, very, tremendously.

Drawing on the threads of Virtual Currency and Digital Junk, Very, Very, Tremendously seeks to discuss how the acts of production and consumption from the virtual world interact systematically with reality, whilst also mirrors how the 'two realities' coexist in geopolitical conflict. The virtual, as a potential to be realised in the actual, is becoming a reality. Our attention is seized unawares towards being present and leads to generating an alternative reality.

Sisi LI