St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Stefano Vastano
Peter Sloterdjik

2023 Color PG DE/en 00:45:00

An intense conversation with the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk.

In three 'scenes', the video made by Stefano Vastano in Peter Sloterdijk's home in Berlin, takes us into the conceptual galaxy of the German thinker. 

In the first scene, the philosopher outlines the idea of the human being as a “sphere-builder”. 

The spheres are dimensions within which man cuts himself spaces for contemplation. 

With strong aesthetic connections, Sloterdijk introduces the second scene where the philosopher explains how increasingly complex technological conditions structure and configure contemporary social spaces. 

Finally, in the last 'scene' Sloterdijk comes to terms with the most urgent crisis today: the ecological crisis of the Earth. The only 'ascetic star', said Nietzsche, which it is possible for us to inhabit.


Stefano Vastano