St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Theo Eshetu
The Moving Museum

2023 Color PG EN/en 01:39:02

The Moving Museum is an essay film that follows the move of two art collections from the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Asian Art in the peripheral neighbourhood of Dahlem to the Humboldt Forum; a building designed to replicate the former City Palace, located in the heart of Berlin.
The film presents the event of this new museum being constructed as a symbolic gesture within the context of German history, and explores the relationships between the secular function of the museum and the theist provenance of the objects it contains.
Footage shot over the course of several years during construction is counterpointed by artistic intervention, dance sequences and performative reconstructions, as well as a vast range of archival footage, intended to unravel the multi-layered complexities that the Humboldt Forum represents.

Theo Eshetu