St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Toby Tatum
Night on The River Bank

2019 Color PG NA 00:06:04

The little creatures of the riverbank emerge to bask in the glow of an enchanting moon.
Toby Tatum's Night on the Riverbank, with a new score by composer Abi Fry, was created through reworking footage from a forgotten B&W children’s programme.

“Enter the terrain of the most magical and translucent night”. Spanish blogger Cinesinfin posted a review of Night on the Riverbank, the writer considering the film in the context of children’s fables. The review also praises “the fantastic musical composition of Abigail Fry that manages to transcend attractive contemplation and reach the territory of fantasy and dream.” 

“I have quite a specific process when composing for the films of Toby Tatum. My aim is to clear my mind and become a blank canvas whilst I watch the film many times in silence and allow ideas to surface. I try not to impose my own will until I have connected on a subconscious level and allowed the film’s magic to guide me. The first thing that came to me, when considering Night on the Riverbank, was the idea of stretching time and space and I began to experiment with cascading piano motifs to get this across, adding shimmering strings and floating harps to create the feeling of magic in the air.”
Toby Tatum